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Beginner Guide to using DALL-E

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In this issue, I’ll be covering how to get product design feedback from ChatGPT, how to start working with DALL-E, and why Musk might be removing X from Europe.

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Get Input on Product Design From ChatGPT?

Open up ChatGPT on your browser, and snip a picture of your product.

Upload the picture you just snipped in the Advanced Data Analysis mode on ChatGPT and give it the following prompt:

If you want to copy and paste it here it is in writing:

“Give me suggestions for improving the design of [insert product] also include a list of new possible functionalities that can be added to this [insert product]”

For the above example, a picture of a wristwatch was used to get feedback on. You can also use pictures of your website, app, or email format to get feedback using the same prompt.

DALL-E User Guide for Beginners

DALL-E is a great platform to generate AI art straight from the ideas in your head in minutes. This section will act as a user guide for those interested in ChatGPT and DALL-E. Before we start, I featured in the section below that ChatGPT Plus users now have access to DALL-E. If you’re looking to get into AI and AI art getting ChatGPT Plus may not be a bad idea. Find the link to that in the section below.

1. Create an account

Basic, I know, but it’s a must. As I said before, creating a ChatGPT Plus account might be the best way to go here as you’ll get DALL-E with it.

2. Start creating

The search bar is at the top of the page once you’re logged in. You will also find other images created by DALL-E users here as well. If you need some inspiration, roll your mouse over each one to see what prompts the artists used to generate the image.

A great idea I use is just to search “Cool Computer Backgrounds” on google, and usually, some interesting images come up that you can take inspiration from.

3. Type a VERY* specific phrase into the search bar

Once you actually have an idea you’re interested in or need, type a phrase into the text input bar.

For example, "a modern painting of a college student doing physics homework in his dorm on his computer at 11 am"

This is what I mean by VERY specific. Since the AI relies on your description as a prompt to create an image, it's best to be as particular as possible when writing your prompts to get exactly the result you want.

4. Generate and modify

Select "Generate" when you've added all the details you think you need with your prompt, and DALL-E will produce four different images for you to preview. If you're not satisfied with the images, don’t go forward. Look at the common theme with the pictures that aren’t right and edit your prompt to fix that.

You might have to move a subject to the foreground or background or reorder the terms in the phrase so that one thing comes before the other.

5. Save and share

Now your image will appear in full size. Save the image to your DALL-E gallery from here by selecting the save button on the top right corner. Pretty simple.

You can also save the image to your device in order to use it for different things, like posting it, sending it to friends, or incorporating it into your website.

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