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Could AI have a $4.1 Trillion effect on the workforce?

Happy Friday! This is 7.dev. Have you ever looked at a flow chart and couldn’t even think of where to start? Me too. All. The. Time. I actually found a way to use Dall E on Bing to summarize flow charts based on what you want to understand. Hopefully, you’ll use it as often as I do!

In this issue, we’ll also cover some recent news in open-source AI development, how AI could have a $4.1 Trillion effect on the workforce and much more.

Before we get into it: I love podcasts. If I check my stats in Overcast, I’ve saved 343 hours by using their Smart Speed feature. That’s a number that I find a little disturbing, and try not to think about too much.

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Stability AI Experimenting with Stable LM 3B?

Stability AI recently launched an experimental version of Stable LM 3B — a compact 3 billion parameter AI fitted for portability on handhelds and laptops. Despite its size, it surpasses previous 3B parameter models easily and even challenges 7B ones.

On the blog, it is stated “The model is intended to be used as a foundational base model for application-specific fine-tuning. Developers must evaluate and fine-tune the model for safe performance in downstream applications.”

With this being another big move for open-source AI, I’m wondering where it can go from here!

A diff of introducing runes in a Svelte function

Understanding complex charts Using Dall E on Bing

  • Go to Bing and sign in or create a new account (You need an account for this).

  • Upload the image you want to be explained by clicking on the image icon on the bottom left of the screen.

  • Enter your prompt in simple words to modify or get an explanation of your image.

  • For instance, I saw a simple prompt for the image explanation above:

  • “Explain the process in this image in simple terms”

  • If you did this right, it should take a few seconds and spit out a summary that makes it simpler to understand whatever image you’ve selected!

What’s Going on this Week? 🤔

  • AI Affects the WorkForce - According to a new forecast from Morgan Stanley Analyst Brian Nowak, AI will have a $4.1 trillion economic effect on the labor force. According to Nowak, nearly 44% of the labor force will be affected by AI due to changes in input costs, automation of tasks, and a shift in the way companies obtain, process, and analyze information.

  • Zoom Competing in AI with Microsoft? - Zoom announces Zoom Docs, an AI-powered collaboration workspace. With integrated Zoom AI Companion, it's poised to offer a cost-effective alternative for medium-sized software firms eyeing enhanced team productivity.

  • Perplexity launches pplx-api - Its new, low latency API for accessing open-source LLMs like Mistral 7B, Llama2 13B, Code Llama 34B, and Llama2 70B.

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