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This changes everything...

In this issue: Bun changes everything. AI can build UIs now. But first–quick recap of what this new thing in your inbox is.

Happy Saturday!

Hey–I’m Kristian, I run 7.dev. You might have subscribed to this newsletter back when we were called Bytesized, or even prior to that, when we ran remote programming conferences (prior to COVID!) called Byteconf.

About ~6 months ago we relaunched as 7.dev. And, if you’re not interested in getting emails from us now… no hard feelings. You can unsubscribe.

But if you want to stick around, here’s the quick pitch:

  1. One email a week

  2. Focused on full-stack web dev news and tools

  3. Short and sweet

This email went out on Saturday, but next week, we’ll settle into a Friday publish schedule.

Bun rules everything around me

Bun, the “fast all-in-one JavaScript runtime”, released version 1.0 last week. Since then, it’s taken the JS world by storm. It’s super fast, easy to use, and continues to get faster and faster…

If you’re interested in how it all works, here’s our sixty second video covering everything you need to know.

v0 takes my job

Vercel announced v0, an AI-powered tool for generating user interfaces. You can already check out the prompt library and sign up to join the waitlist:

The demos on Twitter are SO satisfying to watch. Here’s v0 creating and editing components on the fly:

Building and remixing UI components via AI seems to be one future that frontend development may face. What do you think?

Videos, videos, videos

Every weekday, we publish a video on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. If you want more 7.dev than just this weekly email, follow us!

Here’s some of the stuff we published this week:

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